Facebook played a key role in being able to measure the success of this event. Throughout the remaining weekend of the formal, I scanned through recently posted status updates and photos by guests that had attended that evening. The following are a collection of personal reviews from these individuals (with Facebook link for verification) along with photos that were taken during the formal.
Kyle 'Hakeem' Sanders had a good time at formal...you seriously missed out.

Charlotte Eileen had a blast at formal!

Raymond Ashmore is thinking awesome job SAI and Andrew. The formal was fun.

Matt McNulty had a great time tonight!

Carley Joette Cook is thinking that formal was awesome!

Lindsey Mask had the best time tonight! Love it! :).

Daniel Locke had a blast at the PMA/SAI formal last night. Andrew rocks at planning an event.

An Enchanted Evening of "Music from the Heart"